Hamilton / Cooks Hill - The Hill

Hamilton / Cooks Hill - The Hill


A Book from the All the suburbs of Newcastle project.


1x Individual 32 page book for Hamilton / Cooks Hill - The Hill


Cooks Hill / The Hill  by Melissa Wilson
Hamilton by Claire Letitia Reynolds

Design by Dylan Smyth


Released Feb 2015 by the 2hrsnorth Newcastle based photography collective this book makes up one of the 12 books released as a part of the project to document all the Suburbs of Newcastle over a six month period 2014-2015. For more information about the project visit: dylansmyth.com/2hrsnorth

*NOTE: This purchase is for a singular book only. Both the front and rear cover are shown beside one another for display purposes.


    32pages, A5 size.

    This book features two suburbs photographed by two local artists and opens from either side. It is one of the twelve books making up 'All the Suburbs of Newcastle' published by Dylan Smyth 2014-15.


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